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Fairies In London



The fairies’ show is an interactive show, carefully directed, conducted by a team of professional actors, characterized by fun and charm. To properly celebrate the Christening of the baby the fairies wear prom dresses and join the party to make great wishes for the new-born. They create a magical atmosphere surrounded by classical music, smoke and dim light.
As tradition says they will make good wishes for the baby, ensuring that the child will receive all that is good and pure in the world.
To much delight for the audience, the show continues with the appearance of a mysterious fairy, full of humour, jealous for not being invited to the party which will try to confuse the wishes of her sisters.
However, she will not succeed in her endeavour, because, with the help of other fairies and the child’s family, she will learn to use her powers to do just good deeds and her wishes will benefit the child forever.
A rain of confetti marks the end a show full of emotion and joy and a photo session to capture this special moment the life of the baby.



The story begins when the bride is briefly stolen, only to return accompanied by the fairies.
This is how an interactive show begins, full of surprises. The groom must pass three tests of courage, devotion and sense of humour to demonstrate his abilities in order to redeem his bride from the fairies.
The love story of the newlyweds will be told out loud and the good wishes of the fairies will initiate a beautiful voyage into … marriage!



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